Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP

Tips to try

Here are some things you can try.


Getting ready to break free from nicotine?

1. Change brands of the cigarette you smoke – buy a different brand each time.  Each brand tastes different so it begins to break the bond.

2. As much as possible alter the times and places you smoke.

When you change each one of the above – keep changing to avoid creating a new habit.

3. Use your other hand to hold the cigarette, again it begins to break the bond/habit.

4. Whenever possible focusing on the cigarette and smoking – leave whatever else you were doing including watching TV, driving, talking to other people to really focus on what you’re doing and ask yourself do I really need the next puff/drag/draw right now or can I delay a couple of seconds.

Doing these things will make it easier when you finally decide to break free.  Remember it takes 21-28 days to break a habit using the conscious mind, but breaking down and changing each piece of the whole ‘ritual’ will help make breaking the final bit of the habit and the addiction easier.


Pulling Around Procrastination

1. Think of something you are very motivated to do.

2. Focus on it, really feel it, and notice where (spatially) it is -This is your motivated position.  (For example mine is a couple of feet in front of me and slightly to the left).

3. Now think of something you are procrastinating over.

4. Focus on it, really feel it, and notice where it is spatially – This is your procrastination position. Mine is behind me to the left.

5. Keep focusing on the task you are procrastinating, imagine pulling it round to your motivated position.

6. You may have do do it a couple of times at first but you should feel a difference and be able to go and tackle that task.


Trouble getting to sleep

The basics you read in all magazines like don’t drink coffee etc.  just before bed – although when I was  coffee addict that didn’t stop me sleeping; don’t watch horror/stimulating TV before bed, take plenty of exercise, keep the room at the right temperature for you; make it dark – They’re fine as far as they go but that’s not we’re talking about here – those things will work for every day but may not work for the extra stressy times – so here are some other things to try: 

Write down any thoughts before you go to bed, getting them out on paper can often help you relax because you’re not going to forget – keep a pad and pen beside your bed for any thoughts that come to you when you get there.

Put some music you like on very low in the background – and have it on repeat  It’s amazing as you are lying there concentrating trying to hear the music, it seems to get louder and you, because you’re focusing on that, may forget all those thoughts and problems and drift off to sleep.


Anxiety about flying? – some tips.

Here are some things you can usefully do:

1. Take some relaxing music with you – best to steer clear of the upbeat, banging stuff, choose something you find relaxing and calming.

2. Make sure you watch the movie, read a book do puzzles – anything  you like so long as you’re focused on something else, even if the movie is the worst one in existence or you’ve watched it a million times before – watch it again.

3. Tell people, be honest, tell the flight attendance and passengers sitting near you – you’ll find most people are understanding and supportive and often the fear reduces once you’ve shared it.

4. It’s best to avoid caffeine or other stimulants, you need to relax not be hyper – but do drink – dehydration can make symptoms worse.

5. Remember to breathe deeply and often… Practise breathing in to a count of 8 and out to a count of 11 – it does take some practice but it’s worth it – the slow breathing ensures there’s enough oxygen in your blood and therefore getting to your brain and focusing on the counting keeps your mind occupied.

6. And now for something more long- term try visualisation and NLP- a few months or weeks before flying:

Begin by sitting with your eyes closed and think about flying;- on a scale from 1 to 10 give yourself a score for how anxious you are – Now use a little NLP to help —

See yourself at a cinema watching a film,  the film will be of you going to take a flight.  

The film starts in black and white, see yourself travelling to the airport, going through check-in, baggage check, passport control, see yourself at the departure lounge, getting on the plane, finding your seat, strapping in – see yourself sitting on the plane – see the entire journey, take off, flight, landing- 

Now see yourself float out of your body and go to the projection booth so you are now watching yourself watching the movie of you going to fly 

As soon as you get to the booth, run the film backwards to the beginning but this time it’s in full colour see hear and feel everything, every part of that landing flight, take off, coming out of departures, thorough security, your bag coming backwards through the x-ray machine, the airport and the journey to the airport see it all in reverse.

Now run it forwards again, see everything in colour, but at double the speed if you like you can add some clown circus music to the background – as soon as the film gets to the end see yourself step out of the film, run it backwards and see yourself step into the beginning again – run it forwards again at double speed – do this several times.  Each time when it gets to the end step out of the movie and step back into the beginning and run it forwards again faster and faster.  Finally run the movie at normal speed see everything and hear everything.  You should find that you can’t feel the same way about it.

For some people doing this once is all that’s needed, for others they need to do it more often, some regularly to build up the effects and there are some who need someone to guide them through the process – so find a  ’study buddy’.

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