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Success Stories

Here is what some clients have said:

Fear of Needles:

I did my first self administered injection tonight and the only tears were of disbelief and relief afterwards when I realised I’d done it.  Thank you!

M (Welling)


Fear of Flying:

Hi Helen,
Just got back from a return flight to Egypt- no problems!!
Thanks a zillion

K (Welling)


Smoking Cessation:

Hi Helen,
Trust all is well,
Just to update that I am officially smoke free since the session and feel a lot better for it! have returned to the gym and been going regularly 🙂
C. (Sidcup)


Weight management:

Hi Helen,

Thought I should let you know how things have been going this past week. So, far  things have been great! Changed food habits completely, this past week have not touch anything that has been crisps, sweet or biscuit. Drinking so much water the loo had become a REALLY GOOD friend :)!
I haven’t weight myself i didn’t want to. What i am so excited about is the fact is it just feels so natural. I’m thinking about food consciously but able to say no! My co workers are not sure whats happening. I am usually the one that eats all day, croissant breaks then chippy lunch, then first one to say who wants something from the shop, but this week  they’ve offered me biscuits from the biscuit tin, i’ve said no, they’ve  offer me chocolate which I would have gone back time and time again for  and they were my favorites (soft centers) i was able to say “do i want that, no” and walk away. They keep saying are you on a diet and I’ve said no just don’t fancies it, which I really do feel like. It’s great it doesn’t feel like I am thinking hard just oh what do I want
So far so really, really please. 
Thank you so much

C. (Belvedere)


Weight management

Hi Helen

Just to let you know how wonderful the treatment has worked.  I haven’t picked at food all week only have my 3 meals a day and feel full. Have noticed that when I feel stressed I feel full and don’t even think of looking for food and have lost 4 lbs. I feel positive light hearted and laughing.

Have no hesitation in recommending you.   A (West Wickham) – a week after treatment


Stress management:

“I have had a difficult year.  My mum has been ill and she lives in the States.  I’ve been made redundant and I have significant health conditions that make it difficult to find a new job.  Luckily I had two jobs so I can still cope financially, but I found it difficult to relax. I went to the doctor and they didn’t think that medication was the right route for me and suggested that I think about alternative treatments for stress relief.  I got in touch with Helen and we had a Skype interview.  I then had a 2 hour relaxation session. It was really successful. Helen helped me to create a place to relax in my mind and showed me how to visualize a “stress relief” machine.  She used visual techniques to create levers and a scale to measure my stress.  When i feel stressed, I can bring this image to the front of my mind and can focus on the levers and release the stress.  It works really well and I’ve found myself using it quite a lot.  In fact, it worked so well that I asked Helen to make me a sleeping tape so that I can listen to it before I go to sleep.  

I saw Helen about 3 months ago and I haven’t missed a nights sleep since then.  Sleeps really important to me.  If I don’t sleep well over a period of about a month then it takes me about 6 months to recover my health.  Its daft because I’ve had a few operations and I recover from them really quickly.

 I listen to the tape about once a month. It helps me to keep the visualization.   I now sleep well without it, but I feel more confident when i listen to it regularly. I feel so much more relaxed and confident now that I can ‘de-stress’ I really don’t feel distressed anymore! It really helps that I know I can get a good nights sleep.  I don’t want to risk losing the visualization because I’m taking short cuts  so I will keep on listening to the tape to keep the visualization steady.”     T. (London)



“I was having problems sleeping, I slept well when I got there but it took too long to fall asleep. I had a Skype chat with Helen and she asked me questions to find out what my favourite place to be was.  She sent me a recording and I fell asleep at the beginning of the recording when she was introducing how to relax.  I listened to it 2 or 3 times but haven’t needed it the last few nights. If the horrible patter re-occurs I’ll start using it again.”  O. (London)


Weight Management

“I’ve always struggled a bit with my weight, particularly since having children about 15 years ago.  I’d diet and lose the weight but it always came back.  In the free consultation with Helen, we talked and she asked me questions to find out why it was hard for me to keep the weight off. Since the hypnotherapy session it felt natural to stop taking sugar in drinks and I now find when I have had enough I just stop eating.  I have also stopped mindlessly snacking and am losing about 2lbs a week without following a particular diet.  Would recommend!” J. (London)



“I had a phobia of blood from childhood.  Helen listened to me and really understood my problem, she worked with me and I got rid of my phobia within a couple of hours.  I was completely amazed at how quickly it worked and I have now been able to get a job working on a hospital ward.” C. (Bucks)



“I came to see Helen to stop smoking. I had tried patches and gum but found that i was always looking for an excuse to take them off and keep smoking.  The process of hypnosis was extremely relaxing calming and what i found quite interesting was how aware i was of the process and was aware of what was being said.

Since the session i have still been around smokers and I don’t feel the need or urge to smoke. This is huge shift for me because I really loved smoking and that was what made giving up so hard, but through hypnosis there are no cravings no one last cigarette it’s as if  i never smoked. It feels great now each week i spend the money i used to spend on cigarettes on me!!!”  S. (London)

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