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.What ‘T’ from London said:

“I have had a difficult year.  My mum has been ill …..  I’ve been made redundant and I  have significant health conditions …..I found it difficult to relax. I went to the doctor and they…… suggested that I think about alternative treatments for stress relief. 

I got in touch with Helen and we had a Skype interview.  I then had a 2 hour relaxation session. It was really successful. Helen helped me to create a place to relax in my mind ……  She used visual techniques to create levers and a scale to measure my stress.  When i feel stressed, I can bring this image to the front of my mind and can focus on the levers and release the stress.  It works really well and I’ve found myself using it quite a lot.  …..I saw Helen about 3 months ago and I haven’t missed a night’s sleep since then…. I feel so much more relaxed and confident now that I can ‘de-stress’ I really don’t feel distressed anymore!”


In today’s busy environment, with all we have to juggle, we often find ourselves feeling stressed.

Are you stressed?

Here’s a link to a stress test on the BBC News Website: How stressed are you?

What causes stress?

There are many causes of stress, and each individual will have their own triggers. Some common triggers include: noisy environments at home or work, conflict with colleagues or family members, busy schedules, public transport or busy roads, finances, meeting new people, unrealistic expectations of how you and your life should be fostered by the media.

Equally people can put themselves under stress through unrealistic expectations of themselves or others, negative self-belief and unrealistic desires.


What is in the treatment programme?

  • a free 20-30 minute consultation where we can discuss your issues and the treatment
  • the rapid session: – a single session of up to 2 hours – with the rapid techniques I use this is often all that is required 
  • Some people prefer to or need to work at a slower pace with a series of session of an hour each.
  • The cost of this treatment is £130 for the rapid session and £65 for hourly sessions.

Or you could join one of the group relaxation or group stress management sessions.  

To request a free consultation or to ask a question call 0779 291 1462, email, or fill in your information below and I will contact you:



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