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What people have said: insomnia

“I was having problems sleeping, I slept well when I got there but it took too long to fall asleep. I had a Skype chat with Helen and she asked me questions to find out what my favourite place to be was.  She sent me a recording and I fell asleep at the beginning of the recording when she was introducing how to relax.  I listened to it 2 or 3 times but haven’t needed it the last few nights.  If the horrible pattern re-occurs I’ll start using it again.”   O. (London)

What is insomnia?

Do you have problems falling asleep? or do you wake up throughout the night?  There are many reasons for disrupted sleep patterns but the result is that the following day it’s hard to wake up let alone get out of bed, and exhaustion and under-performing the next day.  Most of us go through it from time to time, but sometimes it develops into a pattern which may become a ‘habit’.  

What’s in the treatment programme?

I offer two treatments:

Treatment 1 face to face Hypnosis sessions

  • a free 20-30 minute consultation where we discuss your issues and the treatment
  • 1 hour hypnosis session(s) to break the cycle and release the underlying cause 
  • The cost of this treatment is £65 per hour.

Treatment 2 relaxation MP3 recordings to help break the cycle

  • a 10 – 15 minute talk via Skype or phone to discover your favourite place/time/situation for relaxing – or if you don’t have one I will help you to create one.  
  • a relaxation recording created specifically for you and emailed to you.
  • The cost of this treatment is £30

To request a free consultation or to ask a question call 0779 291 1462, email, or fill in your information below and I will contact you:

uth East London

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