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Fears and Phobias

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.“I had a phobia of blood from childhood.  Helen listened to me and really understood my problem, she worked with me and I got rid of my phobia within a couple of hours.  I was completely amazed at how quickly it worked and I have now been able to get a job working on a hospital ward.”  C. (Bucks)


What’s the difference between fear and phobia?

Fear is a natural reaction.  It is the natural reaction that kicks in in times of danger – the fight or flight reaction.

However, when that fear is out of proportion to the danger of a situation,  but the danger feels very real it may become a  phobia.  A phobia can affect your daily life – it can become debilitating.


What is in the treatment programme?

  • a free 20-30 minute consultation – where we can discuss you, your issues and the treatment
  • a 2 hour hypnosis session – for most people that’s all they require, but some people with more complex issues would benefit from further sessions.
  • the cost of this  treatment is £130 for the 2 hour session
  • Some people prefer to work at a slower pace – for these people a series (usually 3-4) of one hour sessions may be appropriate.
  • The cost of a one hour sessions is £65

 To request a free consultation or to ask a question call 0779 291 1462, email, or fill in your information below and I will contact you:

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