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Better to be four than fourteen

November 29, 2013

Did you know it’s impossible to feel down if you look up? and it’s even harder to feel down if you look up and smile? When we feel low, down, or a little depressed all our muscles tend to go floppy and our head goes down – similar to a teenager who seems to have… Read More ›

Visualise Fear Away?

I don’t have a great sense of balance – couldn’t even do rollerblading or ice skating without shaking, oh yes and falling flat on my back, so of course me and ladders don’t get on well, couple of rungs up and again legs turn to jelly. My garden shed, sprang a leak – well a… Read More ›

Walking on Water

Those who know me know how much I like walking – not so keen on hill trekking, especially the coming down part, but walking – yup I like that.  I’ve taken to walking around 5 miles each morning, a few circuits of the local park – well hypnotherapy is a very sedentary job so I… Read More ›

‘I can’t…’

I can’t draw, I can’t dance I can’t sing I can’t….. which have you said? I was listening to a group of people talking about art the other day. One said: ‘I want to learn’, another said ‘I can’t paint, I can’t draw, I tried once but I was no good….’ What does no good… Read More ›

The Art of Procrastination

  Why are some things so difficult to do and to get to doing? I’ve had a talent for it since I was a kid – and the longer I’ve worked on it the more expert I’ve become.   Certain things that are a problem for others, such as filing, aren’t a problem for me…. Read More ›

Happiness is simple

Having a roof over my head clothes and food (that I like) in the cupboards goes without saying but really the rest is simple: sun shining, warm weather, a few good people that’s all I need. Speed walking through the park this morning (I don’t do running)  before 7am and it’s already warm I know… Read More ›

We’re going on a WHAT!!!!!

You want me to be strapped down and locked into a metal box that you’ve filled with fuel; you’re then going to blast into the air and …….you want me to pay for it!! Fears and phobias affect people all year round but there are seasonal trends; at this time of year, holiday season, there… Read More ›

22 Things Happy People Do Differently

22 Things Happy People Do Differently A friend shared this article on facebook.  I couldn’t say it better myself so here you go – how to be happy.

That Monday morning feeling – again

Ahhh Bank holiday surely it’ll be raining –  surely it won’t be good weather – but it was!! -How fantastic was that? Beautiful sunshine, barbecue weather, friends, family, a few cheeky beers or jugs of Pimms – fantastic wasn’t it…. OK maybe you opted for the DIY but still good weather, fantastic break! – Maybe… Read More ›

Life’s about choices……. so choose

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