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Better to be four than fourteen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know it’s impossible to feel down if you look up? and it’s even harder to feel down if you look up and smile?

When we feel low, down, or a little depressed all our muscles tend to go floppy and our head goes down – similar to a teenager who seems to have lost the power of speech and prefers locking themself in a dark room.

I have a theory – the reason kids, young kids, are always active, always ‘up’ and generally happy is that everything is higher than they are, adults, tables, cars, etc – they have no choice but to look up.  Everything is new, an adventure, they talk non-stop, full of curiosity and laughter.

Some teenagers have a tendency to look down – maybe to hide the acne, but maybe just because they’re feeling so confused with all those hormones raging inside, and that makes them feel out of control. Teens who suffer like this seem to lack energy every movement is an effort for them, nobody understand them, everyone’s trying to control them, they don’t want to spend a lot of time with other people and really love to sleep – Sound familiar?

What would you prefer? To be, the 4 year old – where life’s a big adventure, happy and carefree, or the teenager locked in your room, not liking much about your life?

Do you want to change how you feel? Follow these simple steps:

It works best if you stand, but it also works if you’re sitting – so you could do it on the train, in class or at work….. you could – the only place where it’s best not to do it is in the car if you’re driving 😀

Start with your feet tense your muscles working upwards – legs, stomach, chest, back arms, clench fists.  When your muscles are tense look up and put the biggest smile you can on your face – whether you feel it or not… hold it, even for a few seconds and you’ll be amazed at the difference in how you feel! 

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