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Visualise Fear Away?

cat lion mirrorI don’t have a great sense of balance – couldn’t even do rollerblading or ice skating without shaking, oh yes and falling flat on my back, so of course me and ladders don’t get on well, couple of rungs up and again legs turn to jelly.

My garden shed, sprang a leak – well a few leaks actually.  A neighbour kindly gave me some leftover roofing felt and the nails to go along with it – so now all I had to do was take off the old and fit the new. Terror! Yesterday I screwed up my courage got the ladder out and from the third rung – yes that’s right third, head spinning, legs trembling, I tugged off some of the old felt – but I then the ladder wobbled and that was enough for me and I climbed down and gave up feeling frustrated and disappointed. It look fairly small from the ground but it’s a looonnnggg way down from the roof – I know I’ve been there.  

Then the weather fairy delivered a blow, last night I found out that rain was forecast for this afternoon – booo.  So I had a choice, either let the shed, and contents, get ruined or find a way to face my fear.

So I thought of all the things that were scaring me, ladder toppling, falling through the roof, falling of the roof etc etc.  The internet, best invention ever, answered most of my questions and a very helpful dog walker in the park this morning gave me tips on using boards to makes sure I don’t fall thorough.

I felt a little more confident but….. this fear has been with me as long as I can remember. I was still nervous – what could I do? – it was then that I decided to try visualisation.  I relaxed closed my eyes and saw myself climbing onto the roof, removing the old felt and putting on the new – I visualised the same thing over and over and, because I’d seen it, I believed I could do it so felt confident enough to get started.

Ladder, measuring tape, hammer nails, felt, gloves, glasses – and mobile (well you never know) I climbed up and strangely, while legs were shaky they weren’t jelly -and, well long story short,  I did it!!!! – I got the roof refelted – aching, tired, dirty I climbed down, just in time for the rain to start – it was only a small shower but hey I did it!!!. 

I still don’t love ladders and will do anything I can to avoid them but I believe if I can see myself doing something in my mind I can do it in life…. and today I proved it again.

Visualise, Believe, Achieve.

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  1. well done use! now if i visualise punching my sister, will that relieve my stress and anger with her, or will be more likely to do it if i see her?! and if latter is case, will ” well your honour, there’s visuslisation …..” work!

  2. Try it and let me know 😀

  3. I will try this next time I need to say ‘no’ at work!

  4. Great idea! – see, believe, achieve, SUCCEED 🙂

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