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Walking on Water

walk-on-waterThose who know me know how much I like walking – not so keen on hill trekking, especially the coming down part, but walking – yup I like that.  I’ve taken to walking around 5 miles each morning, a few circuits of the local park – well hypnotherapy is a very sedentary job so I need to get some exercise each day – I keep track using the Cardiotrainer app, but I’m not sure I’m as good as CardioTrainer seems to think.  Over the last few days it appears I’ve walked across the lake a few time.  Now I don’t remember squelching back to the house or getting intimate with the ducks, geese and swans let alone the solitary heron but hey maybe I was just ‘in the zone’.

Yea OK, the GPS lost satellite contact but it set me thinking – about filters – not the swimming pool kind or the ones on cigarettes but filters in the mind.

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you hear a new word for the first time you suddenly hear it everywhere?  When you’re in the market for a new car you start seeing the model your interested in everywhere? – your mind is now focused on that word, or model of car – isn’t that amazing! 

You may, or may not, know but we are bombarded with more than 2 million pieces of information in any one second – we can’t possibly cope with all of those consciously so our mind filters  out things we’re not interested in, it selects the ‘important’ bits to pay attention to.  Bet you didn’t notice the pressure of the chair/bed/floor against your leg while you’re reading this till I just mentioned it did you?  – well your mind gets the information but will filter it out unless there’s a problem like, say, the thing you’re sitting on has got kinda uncomfortable then you’ll notice and move.

Young kids notice and are curious about everything! – they ask unending questions; they’re in the process of learning what’s important – the are working out what to focus on and what to filter out, so don’t go telling them they’re stupid, ugly, fat etc. The older we get the more ‘used to things’ we become, the more we filter out,  and the less stuff we focus on and notice, the faster the days seem to go, and weeks, months years etc. Now you know why time seems to go much faster than it did when you were a kid.

But one of the side effects of filtering out can be stress, when we filter it can feel like one thing on top of another on top of another!! Aaarrrggggghhh.  

But, you can reverse it by taking some time out and noticing more ‘stuff’ – just little things, not big things, and I’m not talking about hours not even talking about trying to fit something else into your already manic day – no – do the things you normally do, but notice more on the way to somewhere,  really look at the things around you and consciously tell yourself what you see, you’ll notice and remember more of the journey filter more in – it’s amazing what you see when you truly look…

There’s a word that’s becoming more and more popular – and I bet you’ll notice it everywhere now you’ve read it here – and that word is Mindfulness – be more mindful, it’s about focusing on now, about noticing more, you don’t need to sit quiet doing nothing and breathing deeply to be mindful – wander around and simply ‘say what you see’  – 

So that’s what I’ll be doing now – a little less walking on water and a little more noticing – will you join me?

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