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‘I can’t…’

can't drawI can’t draw,

I can’t dance

I can’t sing

I can’t…..

which have you said?

I was listening to a group of people talking about art the other day. One said: ‘I want to learn’, another said ‘I can’t paint, I can’t draw, I tried once but I was no good….’

What does no good mean? – you picked up a pencil and couldn’t make a line? the paint mysteriously avoids the paper? – what?  

What she really means is she’s not happy with the result, but why not? Why do we expect to be Picasso when we paint but not Usaine when we run? Why do we expect to be  Adele when we sing but not Murray when we pick up a racket or Beckham when we kick a ball.  Why is it OK to be OK at certain things and not others?

Why do we judge ourselves? – Why do we compare ourselves to others who dedicate  their lives to their chosen pursuit and expect to have the same results with a few hours dabbling? Aren’t we just doing it for ‘fun’ for relaxation? – Most people have certain creative urges. The can’t only comes in when we judge ourselves against others, or we worry about other people’s opinions of our efforts – Who and what are we doing it for then? 

If we decide painting or dance is our career, or we want to be on X factor then we are putting ourselves out there to be judged by others; we are saying we want other people to appreciate what we do – but if we’re doing it for the need to be creative then being more like the jogger who runs a bit then walks, and less like the Bolt who sprints all the way, surely is OK.

What is artistic anyway? let’s face it some of the highest paid artists produce stuff some people ‘get’ but a large number thinks is just rubbish – if they can do it so can we.  Let’s just call it modern art, modern dance and modern jazz – that works doesn’t it?

There are enough restrictions on your life as it is, don’t add to them yourself –  free your creativity, – remember what Mark Twain wrote:

Dance like no-one is watching, sing like no-one is listening………

so DRAW like no-one will see it – because after all, they won’t unless you show them. 

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