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The Art of Procrastination



Why are some things so difficult to do and to get to doing?

I’ve had a talent for it since I was a kid – and the longer I’ve worked on it the more expert I’ve become.  

Certain things that are a problem for others, such as filing, aren’t a problem for me. And of course I never procrastinate eating, drinking, or for that matter procrastinating……. but forms….. well that’s different.  

Recent days are a great example – I’m – ahem – working on a business plan.  It’s something that’s been on my list of things to do for, well let’s just say, quite a while now.  

I’ve got a template – I know where I want the business to go BUT present me with a form or things I have to write ABOUT and for some reason my brain switches off and distinctly sulks not wanting to play any more or rather wanting to play the procrastination game instead.

So far I’ve: found a house for a friend (who’s already found a house), bought a new lock for the garden gate, done some research on panic attacks and mindfulness, watched a couple of webinars, cleared out a folder of old paperwork, ordered some books on Amazon, and….. now I’m writing a blog, oh yes and I’ve created a new Tips to Try page for my website – click here to see it.  What’s the first entry? Pulling Around Procrastination.

But I choose to change so, now I’ve completed this entry, I’m off to Pull Around Procrastination  –  and then continue my business plan. After all it’ll give me clarity, and clarity will help me see the path to success.

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  1. Okay, so Ive tried waiting for the thesis to appear at night and write the thing for me. Didnt work. ive tried hovering to make me feel better about not writing – now the dog is shivering and whining in the corner. Now Im reply to your post. There really is nothing on TV so its time to try your procrastinating tip. Lets hope Im far too into it to respond to any further comments!!

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