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Happiness is simple

happiness_40011-300x225Having a roof over my head clothes and food (that I like) in the cupboards goes without saying but really the rest is simple: sun shining, warm weather, a few good people that’s all I need.

Speed walking through the park this morning (I don’t do running)  before 7am and it’s already warm I know it’s going to be a lovely day and I feel good.  Walking, thinking, meeting various dogs and their owners on the way around – life is good.  The Danson Festival is on today (and being held in the very park I’m wandering around) – as I complete my third circuit I can see all the old time funfair rides, the tents and the VW club campervans, the small kid-size climbing wall the main stage and burger van…..should be a good one again

Thinking about today and the choices I have – I’ll be meeting up with a friend at lunchtime but…. I can do more work on my new website, or type up notes from a course I went to a few weeks ago; do the housework, cut the grass, trim the hedge.  I’m planning how I can get all the work done before and after meeting my friend – and then I remember, I remember something I heard a while ago – (not sure where from so if you have a reference I’d gladly add it….) 

                  Are you a human doing or a human being?

Do you fill your life with tasks, jobs, stuff – with DOING or do you take time out to just BE – so there I am walking round the park in the sun listening to the birds, seeing the sun glinting on the water, all the boats that will soon be rowed not yet on the water – the blinds just coming off the little cafe, the security guards for the festival emerging from their tents and I decide today will be a BEING day – there’s plenty of time for DOING – so the grass will remain uncut and the hedge untrimmed, maybe even the house won’t get cleaned – of course I’ll still meet up with my friend but maybe I’ll spend the rest of the day just hanging in the garden, listening to music, maybe I’ll visit the festival, maybe not and of course Andy’s playing today isn’t he… 

but whatever it is I decide there’ll be very little doing and a lot of being – and so I’m happy, very happy.

What about you was it a doing or a being day?

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