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Schrodinger’s cat and other mysteries……


School maths and science sucks. Don’t get me wrong I like real maths and science but the ways its done in schools -it sucks.  It’s all focused on writing things on paper -it’s designed to make you think it’s hard, but it’s not just look at life – we use science and maths in life every day….

You don’t need to know the principles of gravity to throw a ball, your brain works it out….. Newton’s laws of motion, we’d all be completely screwed if we needed to recite that before we got behind a wheel of a car…. and what about Schrodinger’s cat? He didn’t need to lock a flippin’ cat in a box to explain it – Take my lottery ticket pinned to the fridge – until I check it’s both a winning and a losing ticket – simple! 

Do you realise we use Algebra every day – without thinking  -for example when we work out how many more cans of coke we need to buy to have enough for everyone coming to the party; or which mobile phone deal is the best value for how you use it or even how many more facebook fans do you need to reach 1,000….. but we get freaked out when we see a letter inside a mathematical sum – why? – well we’re mixing the languages… it’s like speaking Franglais – or Esperanto (for those who remember this work of genius). 

We don’t need to work out geometry before putting an arm into the sleeve of a shirt, no your mind KNOWS it – the calculations are done in milliseconds meaning you can get out of the door to work, having used the same geometrical rules to shovel breakfast and a cup of tea on the way.   And what about aerodynamics, even Winnie the Pooh leans into the wind on a Blustery Day! – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t – except a young baby – perhaps they don’t – but it’s as babies that we learn and assimilate all these rules – babies work out load and balance to stand, and geometry and Newton’s laws to walk and feed themselves and eventually dress themselves.  All these complex calculations carried out in the mind – just not on paper.

 Scientists and mathemeticians make you feel inferior (some deliberately, others not so much) through the use of technical terminology – the maths your brain copes with every day, automatically without you thinking about it, for you to walk, run, put your clothes on, pick up a pencil is way more complicated than the maths taught at school…. the only difference is the terminology/the words, and setting it out on paper. EVERYONE can do maths, EVERYONE can do science – you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed if you couldn’t – the difference is learning and conforming to the ‘standardised’ language invented by those with the title of scientist or mathemetician!

 The ‘thing’ mathemeticians, physicists, chemists etc give us is a way to DESCRIBE on PAPER what happens in live EVERY DAY!!!!!  Most of the time they’re not inventing something new, they’re just discovering what’s there already. Don’t misunderstand me, I think it’s brilliant that they do this, it helps us understand the world around us much better and has led to inventions such as the lightbulb, penicillin and even the computer but…..the shorthand they use, the language they use to help themselves explain things faster can be very confusing and provide a block for some, to accessing and extending existing knowledge.  I’ve heard that Thomas Edison (inventor of the lightbulb) only had 3 months of formal education – now there’s a thought to sit with for a while. 

And that’s why school science and maths sucks – it starts from the idea that people CAN’T do it……..So come on guys – just give everyone a break, use plain English, or Italian, or German (whatever is your first language) start from the perspective that EVERYONE CAN DO IT and you just need to use a life example to explain it, before going on to explaining how to set it out on paper and use it in other situations!  And those of you in the classroom now – know you CAN – and you DO every day.

So I sit back in silence waiting for the comments berating my simplification of a really complex thing – Bring It ON!!!!

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