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believe em or not???


I woke on 1st May and, having remembered to say ‘White Rabbits’ 3 times, had a satisfied feeling, ‘knowing’ it’s going to be a good month… but then I started thinking – why, what about saying that phrase means the month will be better than if I hadn’t said it?  That thought has come back to me several times over the last couple of days so – of course I’ve decided to write about it…. see what you think.

There are some superstitions I dismiss as ‘silly’ and don’t do them but others I’ll follow, not truly believing them – or do I?  Am I just following them out of habit, or is it a ‘just in case’?  For example I’ll say hello to lone magpies, but do I believe that’s to ward off the ‘sorrow’ or is it just a bit of fun??  I count magpies too… using the magpie song – you know the one: 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy….. – but for me they don’t actually need to be together all at the same time, so if I’m driving and see one, then another down the road – that 2 for joy, right???

I’m OK with ladders, so long as there’s no one on top, I walk on cracks in pavements, black cats can cross my path all day long and opening an umbrella indoors – well how would you dry it otherwise – but I prefer not to plan major stuff for Friday 13th, and if my ears burn I think someone’s talking about me.  

Superstitions aren’t the domain of  ‘old wives’ handing down their tales though.  I have a friend, John.  Every morning when he gets to the office while waiting for the equipment to ‘fire up’ – he’ll log on and play a game of solitaire.  If he completes the game before all the equipment is ready he ‘knows’ it’s going to be a good day, if he doesn’t complete the game but it was going well/easily – he also believes it will be a good day however if the game goes badly and he doesn’t complete it, the day is going to be dark, dismal… BAAAAAADDDD.

One of the later ones comes in the form of chain letters/emails – hate those suckers and I’ll break ’em all day long.  

What about you, do you believe superstitions, are you chained to your bed on Friday 13th? – freeze when a black cat crosses your path? forever buying salt coz you chuck so much of it over your shoulder? – have you made up any of your own superstitions?


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  1. well for the longest time i thought i was born on the 13th jan. A long standard figures! ran through my life – then i actually used a diary and turns out it was a tuesday. was i relieved? not really, littpe bit of me taken away. when i asked mum about how the friday 13th thing alk started – she had said no idea love – probably annoyed that my waters broke with u in the supermarket. and no she didnt get
    free babyfood, she got shouted at and seperated from my older sister who was only 18 months.

  2. sorry writing this on phone with puppy and cat trying to sit in my lap! sent b4 thel last sentence! so the wives tale is part of a longer, often family history. and always a great way to explain a “bad day”. but your wrong helen – umbrella and ladders rules must be obeyed! its obvious if its raining in your house uve upset the rain gods or need to get the roif fixed. take your pick. my mam did and look how well afjusted

  3. grr i am! and the cat won! of course

  4. Took me a while to get the first bit – haha you thought you were born on FRIDAY 13th…. can’t blame your mum for that…..
    or the cat for your typing

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