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Finding reasons to be happy

happysadIt can be tough to find reasons to be happy, it’s often the case that the reasons to be miserable are easier to find.

Take me for example…. I’m more a summer than winter person… don’t enjoy the cold, snow, wet or windy weather – I actually think I was adopted or kidnapped at birth and really belong to a family who live closer to the equator – or at least the shores of the Mediterranean.

A while ago we had a couple of days of relatively warm weather and I start to open up and feel happy, lots of energy – but this being England the warm weather didn’t last long, back to the wet and then back to the cold snow then rain, rain and more rain – it’s depressing, makes me miserable – hate being cold, hate being wet and hate most of all being cold and wet – and, because I’m not feeling good, I know I’m not doing as much as I ‘should’

– there’s that awful word, ‘should’, so good for beating yourself up with, should do this, should do that, should do more….. same goes for ‘ought to’ – great tools for feeling bad…. the more I dwell on those thoughts, the worse I feel… I know that from past experience….. BUT …….

I don’t want to be miserable, so I was sitting here trying to think of reasons to be happy, reasons to laugh or feel good: music, friends, family yes all are great reasons but none at the moment really touch the ‘core’ of me.  Then I remembered, it’s a choice – there is always a choice – you can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable… so    ‘I choose to be happy’, ‘I choose to be happy’, ‘I choose to be happy’ – all those other things that bring me down are still there but the sun always shines above the clouds and happiness is a perspective…..  I CHOOSE to be happy….

It’s not as resilient a happiness as when the sun’s shining but it’s there I can feel it, it’ll take some nurturing, and lots of repetition but it’ll come – it is growing.

I now have a reason to be happy – 


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