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What’s in an image, what’s in a name?


Most people would recognise a tick as representing Nike, or a big yellow M for McDonalds – pictures/images/logos are powerful and act as a shorthand to the company ethos or if you’re American ‘mission’…. when I grew up a mission was some epic adventure full of danger and new experiences not a company saying what it wanted to be known for or was setting out to achieve, but hey that’s the joy of language – it constantly changes and is adapted.

So as a picture carries more meaning in a small space than a thousand words can, I chose my logo to represent that any change has a ripple effect through a person’s life – and on to affect the people they come in contact with.  A bit like the film Sliding Doors one small change took Gwyneth’s  character Helen’s life in a totally different direction. Unlike that film though the changes I’m focusing on are those people chose to make not luck or chance but change through choice; a person taking control, deciding to change and, with help, making that change in themselves and/or their circumstances.

So does my logo/picture represent that? – The message is what people see, not what I thought or intended, so I ask again do you see my logo representing a change affecting many areas? – or do you think something else when you look at it?

And what about a company’s name – what does Skoda mean to you, what about Mercedes – if you hear IBM what do you think of, what about Apple- does the name tell you what they do? or do you know what they do and attach that to the name – what comes first chicken or egg?

Why am I focusing on all this? –  I chose the name The Power of U to carry the meaning of someone taking control of themselves and their life – empowering through hypnotherapy NLP and coaching.  With the work I do I am unlikely to be a global brand and therefore need the name to carry meaning – so the chicken first, or should that be the egg?  Some  people however, have commented that the U is confusing in searching for the company and others that the name doesn’t say what I do, it has nothing to do with hypnotherapy etc.

I thought about changing to Ripple Changes, but when a friend commented she’d read it as Nipple Changes, I quickly forgot that idea.   So the name is a work in progress and I’m asking what do you think?  Do you like the logo? Do you like the name? Do they tell you about the company? about what I do?

Do you have any suggestions for a name? – keep it clean please 🙂

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  1. I really like the image and find water calming so a big things up from me. I like the idea of power but get the point. I think short and snappy and simple is the best way. To go. know hypogrowth didn’t fit the image but what about hypnopowe? Great idea to ask people Helen!

  2. Nice idea Tracy – thank you.

  3. Hypnopower is unfortunately taken – the search continues…

  4. powerfulhypno?

  5. that’s already taken too 😦 as has hypnochoice and hypnochoices, hypnochange and hypnochanging, and controlchange….

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