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Who stole my time? – give it back!!!!


Today I realised I can no longer travel out of the country.  

My passport hasn’t expired, it still has a couple of months of ‘life’ but I’m not allowed to use it….who stole the time from me – where does it go? and if I can’t use it why did I have to buy it?

When I renew and get, say, another 10 year passport they’ll add those months on but I won’t be able to use the last few months of that passport either – what’s the point of having something you can’t use for the last few months.  

It’s like paying to watch a film but the ticket can’t be used for the last 10 minutes – but if you buy a new ticket we’ll add that 10 minutes onto the beginning of the next one – great sitting there watching and extra 10 mins of trailers or ads.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Who stole my time?  Whoever it is- give it back!!!!

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  1. OK – lets try and resolve this one. No one stole your time because it doesnt exist! You can make it exist by not renewing your passport – and then I agree, 6 months has been stolen from you. But if you keep on renewing then you keep on having the 6 months put to the front of your next passport. You know the real 6 months that is happening now. The 6 months that will let you go to oh I dont know, say Cambodia! You dont need to worry about 6 months in 113.97 months time from now coz by then you’ll have to wait another 113.97 months till you have to worry about it. Then you can delay it by yeah – tou got it 113.97 months.
    Eventually you will exhaust yourself and you yourself will expire before you can find the 6 months that you think that you have now

  2. nope you haven’t convinced me I still end up paying for something I can’t use!!

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