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Lazy sheep steal sleep!

lazy sheepHave you been there…..? so tired when you crawl off to bed but once you head hits the pillow *ping* you’re a member of the wide awake club.   Sheep refusing to jump over a gate – and no number of sheep jumping over a flippin’ gate is going to get you to sleep anyway….

You’ve got thoughts going round and round in your head, some of them complete some only fragments interrupted by the next –  I must remember ….. ; what did he mean by….; I shouldn’t have said/done….; damn I forgot to do……; how am I going to pay for…..; I wonder if…. oh where did I see…..   and the biggest thought of them all -the one that keeps coming up…. I must get to sleep, I’ve got to be up again in 5 hours…..4 hours…… 3 hours.

You drag yourself through the next day longing for your bed but when you get there the cycle starts again – problem is the longer it goes on the more of a ‘habit’ it becomes.

There are many reasons for sleepless nights, some good like excitement or anticipation of an event… some not so good, stress/worry.

So what can you do…. first thing is don’t panic – easier said than done maybe but for most people it is short-lived.   

There are some things you could try….. 

the basics you read in all magazines like don’t drink coffee etc just before bed – although when I was  coffee addict that didn’t stop me sleeping; don’t watch horror/stimulating TV before bed, take plenty of exercise, keep the room at the right temperature for you; make it dark – They’re fine as far as they go but that’s not we’re talking about here – those things will work for every day but may not work for the extra stressy times – so here are some other things to try: 

write down any thoughts before you go to bed, getting them out on paper can often help you relax because you’re not going to forget – keep a pad and pen beside your bed for any thoughts that come to you when you get there.

put some music you like on very low in the background – and have it on repeat  It’s amazing as you are lying there concentrating trying to hear the music, it seems to get louder and you, because you’re focusing on that, may forget all those thoughts and problems and drift off to sleep.

What have you tried? what sends you off to sleep? – share your secret remedies/tricks.


If all else fails give me a shout and I can do a personalised stress management/relaxation MP3 for you.  They’ve worked very well for others so why not for you?

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  1. Thats a blinder there! I think I’ll use that on my MP3 track. Its works a real treat but I’ve always begrudged having to switch off the music after the relaxation has finished! Wot a blinder and so simple too!!

  2. One little thing can make a huge change.

    How are you getting on with the MP3 recording?

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