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You’re not allowed to laugh!

not allowed to laugh

Why is something so much funnier when you’re not allowed to laugh?

Why do we suddenly want to talk, we suddenly find something urgent to say for example in an exam?  

or crave chocolate, crisps  etc more when we’re not ‘allowed’ to have them for example when we are on a diet?  

Crave a cigarette more in a non-smoking area than when we’re free to smoke and even substitute something else for the thing we’re not allowed.

Why do we want to do anything more when we”re told we can’t/shouldn’t/mustn’t?

I wonder how much is to do with control – our subconscious exerting control over a situation – confirming our right to be who we are; and how much it is the little thrill we get from ‘living dangerously’.  

We don’t get chased by animals any more, well most of us don’t, so do we need to find adrenalin boosts elsewhere? 

What do you think, why do you do it – is it the thrill or is it our need to feel in control of some element of every situation?


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  1. Well, for me its about challenging authority. If someone says I cant – well I pretty much think I can. I may not want to, I may not have time or the energy, but I am pretty much compelled to trouble the idea of ‘controlling’ me. So where is my control in trying to get control? Well for me – I go back to the sociology. What makes me tick this way? How did I come to thrive on really annoying people in authority? How comes by the age of 43, I havent given up on my mission of career suicide? Why do I feel compelled to perform acts of resistance?

    I dont think its because I was born to be a rebel – I havent really got a cause other than to resist – but in all seriousness, I have had to learned to manage my resistance. I can now, through relaxation techniques, smile in a meeting without provoking a response.
    Don’t get me wrong, one of my proudest moments is when my last but one manager called me a ferrel teacher during his speech at my leaving do (not planned by him, I think a response to a heckle), but it does raise the question where is the control, in learning the techniques to control a compulsion to be disruptive? On a couple of occasions I have been managed extremely effectively. What techniques were these managers using and where they controlling my behaviour? I dont think so, I enjoyed the job and excelled at what I did. I think they listened to me. I think they gave me options. i think they gave me a path from which to meander.
    At the end of the day – II’m very glad that Ive developed the techniques not to resist but as always, I maintain the right to resist!

  2. I’m also a grammar resister!

  3. Interesting. Very few people actually stop to work out why. I’m more of a repressed giggler preferring the thrill of subversion to all-out rebellion and war.

    I think it is a control thing for me too. I don’t react well when being told to do something I don’t agree with; can’t see the point of doing it or think there’s a better way to do it.
    I hate being treated like a child and not being listened to so maybe I’m a mini-rebel.

    I’m an occasional grammar resister (mistaker) but more a punctuation resister…..

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