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Time for a change?



Are you bored of being the way you are? 

Everybody at some point in their lives wakes up wishing things were different, secretly wishing they were different and could make a change.  Sometimes this feeling is fleeting and sometimes it lingers – or returns more and more frequently until you cannot ignore it any longer.
For some people, the change they need to make is clear, they know what they need to do differently, for others it’s a general sense of unease and things not being ‘right’ or a feeling of being ‘stuck’ you feel like you’re ‘struggling’ or frustrated.

Paraphrasing Dr Henry Cloud: change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing; consequences give us the pain that motivates.

Many people get caught up in every-day routines and can’t see a way out, a way to break free and make the change they want, they want to change and they want to do it NOW not over a couple of weeks or months.
Do you find yourself wishing you could be stronger be more in control of yourself and your life? 

Do you want to settle for the way things are or do you want something different?

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