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Is snow like Marmite?



Is snow like marmite – love it or hate it?  or can you be snow-neutral.

I used to be petrified any time snow was falling, I  knew it’d end up with slippery icy paths and I’d take a tumble and with that risked putting my back out again – I experienced extreme anxiety  shaking, palpitations, sometimes even felt like crying while walking.  Extreme?  possibly but the pain from my back is unimaginable. 

A chance trawl of the internet a few years ago I came across Stabilicer Sport – LIBERATION! – yes I’d tried traction shoes before but still didn’t feel confident – not any more – these are amazing.  Now I not only continue with things I have to do, but do so without stress.  I feel so confident in the snow and ice that I’ll also just go out for a walk.  I still don’t love the stuff, hate being cold, so maybe I have changed from snow hater to snow neutral.   

Changing one little thing can change an entire life and with my new-found freedom I now meet news of snow and disruption differently…. well a bit differently I still watch EVERY forecast and news item just in case – don’t know if that’ll ever change.

Like most I have things planned for the next few days including travel to a meeting followed by coffee with a friend today but I’m lucky, as I mainly work locally AND I work for myself I can work from home when I need.  I love being my own boss,  and with modern technology I’ve been able to offer new clients their free consultation via Skype.  

Now I say – BRING IT ON!  I’m not quite a snow lover but definitely snow-neutral.

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