Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP

What’s stopping you?


Why can’t you change?

You know what it’s like – you decide you want to make a change,  stop doing this, start doing that, find a new job, be more xyz….. but somehow it all goes wrong.  

You know what you want,  you know all the reasons why you should make the change but you don’t do it, something ‘comes up’ and you promise yourself I’ll start tomorrow, or all fired up and with great willpower, you make the change for a while only to fall back to your old ways.

 Maybe you end up feeling guilty, maybe feeling a failure; the media telling us we should all be perfect and easily change doesn’t help – but have you ever thought maybe there’s a reason you don’t make the change?

There may be one or more ‘hidden’ reasons why you keep doing what you’ve always done. So ask yourself what’s the benefit of staying the way I am?  

Perhaps you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing and what you actually need to change to make that breakthrough is something entirely different, perhaps you are trying to tackle a symptom and not the real issue….. just a thought.


Some find the state of relaxation experienced under hypnosis frees their subconscious to identify focus on and make positive changes. 

So enough of beating yourself up, be more understanding of yourself and give yourself a break.






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